Accuracy Checking Dispensing Assistant

The scope of the Accuracy Checking for Dispensing Assistants (ACDA) course is to train dispensing assistants to carry out the final check of listed dispensed items clinically approved by a pharmacist. It does not encompass aseptic dispensing, self-checking of own dispensing or pre-packing. The ACDA course is dependent upon Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) being in place for accuracy checking, which define the scope of what both a learner and fully qualified ACDA can and cannot check against a clinically screened prescription. The clinical and legal checks on the prescriptions must be completed by a pharmacist. On completion of the course, learners will be issued with a certificate which states that they are able to complete a final accuracy check under the supervision of a Responsible Pharmacist within a specified setting. Revalidation of the certificate is required every two years.