Patient Group Direction (PGD) courses

Patient Group Directions (PGDs) enable pharmacists to provide medicines and vaccines privately to support a wide range of patient groups and conditions. The NPA offers vaccination training and PGDs through our partnerships at very competitive rates on an extensive range of flu, travel, vaccination and non-vaccination/clinical (formerly oral/topical) PGDs.

PGDs enable pharmacists to supply and administer specified medicines to pre-defined groups of patients without a prescription as part of service delivery eg private flu vaccination.

Benefits to your business from offering services:

  • Increases your footfall and your revenue streams
  • Drives repeat demand
  • Provides the pharmacist with additional skill-set
  • Improves the visibility of your business in the local community profile
  • Develops your potential market

Services are good for your patients and customers as:

  • Community pharmacies are highly accessible
  • They have the assurance of being offered advice, medication and/or vaccination by a trained, accredited and trusted front-line healthcare professional
  • Your service is convenient
  • You may offer out-of-hours access due to extended opening hours

Flu & Covid-19 Vaccination


Whilst customers 70 years old and over qualify for a free shingles vaccine on the NHS, customers aged 50-69 are not eligible, leaving a demand for a private vaccination service.


Patients regularly turn to their pharmacy for all manner of creams and lotions looking to discover that magic skin remedy. By running a comprehensive skincare clinic you can help patients make an informed decision as to which treatment is most appropriate

Hepatitis B

Healthcare workers such as nurses, carers and first-aiders require a hepatitis B vaccination for their jobs and would benefit from conveniently located vaccination services.

Women’s health

HPV, period delay, UTIs (urinary tract infections), contraception and a whole host of other clinical areas. Women’s health covers a huge variety of issues and you can help your customers with all of them by running a women's health clinic.

Smoking cessation

There are established NHS programmes to help people give up smoking, with many prescribing medicinal products such as Champix® being supplied when traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products have failed. Whilst medicinal products can be very effective, often smokers fail to give up on their first attempt or simply start smoking again after weeks or months of giving up.

Each individual is limited to just one attempt at giving up smoking using prescribed medication on the NHS. This means they may not able to obtain the same medicinal products to support them to give up smoking a second time, leaving demand for a private smoking cessation service.


Although measles is a vaccine preventable disease, a recent Unicef report has placed the UK as having the 3rd highest rate of unvaccinated children out of the 10 highest-income countries. Alarmingly, more than 0.5 million UK children are currently at risk of contracting the potentially deadly measles virus because they have not been vaccinated. Public Health England also reports that there were 966 confirmed cases of measles in England alone during 2018 (nearly 4 times the number in 2017); with most cases reported in people over the age of 15.

To halt this worrying trend it is vital that pharmacists begin raising awareness of the importance of vaccination and start offering the service at their pharmacies.


Due largely to the success of the national flu programme and pharmacy travel clinics, vaccinations in pharmacy have become the norm for millions of patients so it makes sense for pharmacists to offer a wide range of vaccines as part of their service. Whether patients missed out on childhood vaccinations or they need a hepatitis B jab for a new job, you can help them.

Meningitis ACWY

Many of your customers could benefit from a convenient, in pharmacy meningitis ACWY vaccination service. Anyone who books a trip to Saudi Arabia for Hajj/Umrah, or for any other reason, needs to provide proof of a meningitis ACWY vaccination to be allowed into the country. This vaccination is not covered on the NHS, so Muslim pilgrims travelling to Saudi for pilgrimage need to obtain the vaccine privately.

Teenagers and new university students are also at a higher risk of meningococcal ACWY infection because many of them mix closely with lots of new people, some of whom may unknowingly carry the meningococcal bacteria at the back of their noses and throats. As a result, students routinely look to get the jab before heading off to university.