Level 4 Enhanced Practice Programme for Pharmacy Technicians

The Level 4 Enhanced Practice Programme is an opportunity for pharmacy technicians to develop knowledge and skills for enhanced practice roles. This post-registration programme supports a range of roles for pharmacy technicians across all pharmacy sectors, including, but not limited to:

The programme is delivered as a ‘pick and mix’ unit format across the full programme and several role specific pathways. The full programme will take 2-years to complete on a part-time basis commitment of 4-6 hours of study per week.

A blended learning model of teaching will be used to include online learning, independent research, individual and group tutorials, presentations from subject matter experts and peers and residentials (depending on unit options). The delivery model will utilise peers/networks and communities of practices as well as independent study.

The Level 4 Enhanced Practice Programme covers 11 units (mandatory and optional) covering the full programme and 6 pathways.