Accuracy checking for technicians

Course description:

This course is written and designed to enable registered technicians to undertake the final accuracy check on dispensed prescriptions competently in line with the pharmacy’s own standard operating procedures (SOPs). As part of the course, learners are independently assessed and accredited by NPA Assessors to undertake this highly responsible role, thereby giving our members the peace of mind to fully optimise skill mix within the pharmacy team.

  • Build the confidence and competency of the trainee accuracy checking technician (ACT) on accuracy checking dispensed prescriptions which have been pre-approved by a pharmacist
  • Develop the trainee ACT’s professional awareness of pharmacy practice including the legal and ethical implications surrounding the role of an ACT
  • Final assessment of checking skills in a pharmacy environment
  • An accuracy checking technician (ACT) frees up time for the pharmacist to offer patient-centred care by focusing on service provision, medicines’ management and optimisation
  • Reduced risk of dispensing-related incidents as ACTs will be accuracy checking items labelled and dispensed by another individual
  • GPhC registered pharmacy technicians are not required to re-accredit every two years. All other accredited accuracy checkers will require continuous re-accreditation via a reassessment portfolio every two years.

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