Health Champion Course

This course is accredited by the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) and includes the RSPH certification fee. Completing the Health Champion Course will give you a nationally recognised qualification and Level 2 Award in Understanding Health Improvement. You will be able to act as a health trainer for your colleagues, and it forms part of your pharmacy’s Quality Payment Scheme of having at least one member of staff qualified as a Health Champion.

Learning outcomes:

Understanding behaviour change RSPH accredited

The aim of this qualification is to provide the learner with the knowledge and confidence to offer opportunistic brief advice to, or engage in brief interventions with, individuals about behaviour change which could improve their health and well being.

Understanding health improvement RSPH accredited

Both the RSPH and Department of Health believe that the workplace offers a real opportunity for health improvement, and employers are increasingly supporting the issue of staff health and wellbeing as good practice. Of course, you are in an ideal place to promote healthy living to your local community too.

  • Enable participants to gain better understanding and appreciation of how inequalities in health may develop and what the current policies are for addressing these.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the principles of promoting health and well-being and equip you to provide practical support for individuals trying to attain a healthier lifestyle.
  • Qualifying in Understanding Health Improvement will not only empower you in making healthier lifestyle choices, but also enable you to give advice thus enhancing the customer experience.