Cardiovascular Courses

March 2024

Pharmacy encompasses a wide array of specialisations, each critical to understanding and improving healthcare. Among these, the study of cardiovascular health - focusing on the heart, blood vessels, and circulatory system - is particularly important. Pharmacy Courses, the innovative platform dedicated to pharmacy education, provides an invaluable resource for students and professionals aiming to master this vital topic. Discover three of the courses available for budding cardiovascular experts:

Management of DOACs in a Primary care setting

This course is an invaluable opportunity for pharmacy technicians to deepen their expertise in managing DOACs effectively and safely in a primary care context. This course outlines the essential components and expectations of a Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs) review in a primary care setting, ensuring learners are well-versed in the nuances of conducting thorough evaluations. It further aims to enlighten participants on the critical differences between estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR) and Creatinine Clearance (CrCl), two pivotal measures in interpreting renal function in relation to DOACs. Armed with this knowledge, attendees will be equipped to confidently apply their understanding in practice, recommending appropriate dose adjustments and identifying situations that necessitate referral. 

12 Lead ECG Recording Course

This practical, face-to-face course is designed for healthcare staff tasked with recording 12 Lead ECGs, a skill crucial in primary care and settings requiring regular cardiac monitoring. Covering heart anatomy, physiology, and the conduction system, it provides hands-on practice in accurate lead placement using a manikin or participants' own ECG machines. This course is especially beneficial for those monitoring the cardiac effects of medication, offering foundational knowledge and skills for precise ECG recording.

Tackling the Complexity of Managing Heart Failure

Aimed at healthcare professionals managing chronic heart failure and its complexities, this course combines Interactive Blended Online Learning with live sessions for dynamic interaction and learning. It covers the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and both pharmacological and non-pharmacological management of heart failure, emphasising a multi-system approach and strategic service development. This course prepares learners to handle the nuanced needs of patients and their families throughout the disease's progression, including comorbid conditions and end-of-life care.

A World of Learning at Your Fingertips

These courses represent just a fraction of the rich educational offerings available on Pharmacy Courses. With over 800 courses available, the platform is a treasure trove of knowledge for those eager to delve into the specifics of cardiovascular health or explore other pharmacy specialities. Pharmacy Courses stands as a testament to the power of centralised, accessible education, offering an array of learning opportunities across various areas of pharmacy practice. 

Your Next Step

For pharmacy students and professionals looking to broaden their expertise in cardiovascular health or any other aspect of pharmacy practice, Pharmacy Courses offers an unparalleled resource. We encourage you to explore the complete listings for Cardiovascular courses and beyond, and embark on a journey of learning that promises to enhance your skills, knowledge, and career prospects.


Dive into the world of Pharmacy Courses today, and discover the perfect course to propel your professional development forward.

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